Gibb Withdrawals

We got home from our Epic adventures last night. I woke up and took my pindan painted bike for a ride in an attempt to avoid major Gibb withdrawal. The road was smooth and free of corrugations,
the air was clean, fresh and dust free, There were no oncoming road trains to shower me in dust, There were no croc infested river crossings.  I didn’t get sunburnt.                                                                                                                                                                       It was awful!

On a scale of 1 to Catastrophic GIbb Withdrawals, I am currently a 9.5, which is sure to rise on Tuesday when I return to work! 

On a serious note though… massive and heartfelt thanks to our many supporters; who support us year after year. Special mention to West Coast Eagles for their donation and once again, to our favourite baby wipes company Aussie Wipes, who continue to keep us clean (ish).  We couldnt do it without you. 

Each year at this time I plead with my body for another relapse free year so I can go on one more Gibb adventure. So again, I am pleading for a strong and healthy year ahead! Only about 345 days until GIbb 2017! 

Once again, many thanks for all your support, especially all the kind words and Encouragement! We did it! 

PC Peddlers out. 


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