When Life Gives You Lemons…


You could be forgiven for thinking that life has given us lemons.

I see it differently. Give Clint a lemon, and he’ll gladly chop it up and eat it like an orange. He loves them. I prefer them with tequila. However you see it, lemon trees are beautiful, the flowers stunning, and the fruit is super useful.

We certainly didn’t imagine this is how our life would be and there is plenty we’d change if we could. We have cried many tears over the last 3 years. I wish Clint didn’t have his accident, I wish Clint could walk, I wish my shitty brain lesions didn’t exist or would just bugger off. Sadly, they’re not things we can change.

Life has given us lemons…

So we’re going to make orange juice and sit back and watch as life wonders how we did it.


One thought on “When Life Gives You Lemons…

  1. Louise Morgan says:

    Way to go girl 💪👏 there’s that “never say never” attitude. Your attitude and resilience are to be applauded and admired, as is Clint’s. Your strength of character is second to none. Yes life has thrown both of you more than your fair share of curve balls and we all wish you guys had an easier road to travel but like you said wishing isn’t going to change what is. Your acceptance of what has happened and fortitude to power on are amazing qualities. We will always be there for you and Clint and we are so proud of the progress you are both making. We look forward to celebrating and sharing all your future milestones and achievements.

    Love Lou and Russell 😊💞 xx

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