Positive Thinking… Or Not

I love reading people’s stories of overcoming hardships. I’m the biggest sook! I read and watch stories all the time and I cry out of happiness or sadness or whatever. I just love the stories and love a good cry.

Most of all I love the stories about people who used their hardships to better themselves, or create something new. Because, lets face it… sometimes will power alone isn’t enough.

Don’t get me wrong, the power of a positive mind is great, but it can’t fix a severed spinal cord. And sometimes, actually often, people die from cancer. Did they die because they weren’t positive enough? Because they didn’t truly believe they’d get better?  No, of course not! They die because cancer is a an arsehole of a disease. When I hear people claiming they overcame their disease, or injury or whatever because of their positive attitude, I think good on ya! I’m happy for you.  Great job! And great job to all the hard working medical staff and scientists too.

I spent almost everyday with Clint while he was in rehab, well everyday I could be there anyway. I met some incredible people. I met people who came in paralysed, and walked out. And I met people who tried their best, were positive, did their Physio, took their pills, did everything right, but still left in a wheelchair. If only will power and a positive mind were enough! Heartbreaking stuff, but most of these guys and gals left hospital with a great attitude and desire to ‘get back on their feet’ so to speak.

When I was sick, I threw everything I could and every ounce of energy I had into ‘getting better.’ I told myself everyday and I promised Clint that I’d improve. And I did. And I still am. And I’m bloody thankful for it. I worked really hard at it, but frankly, I was just one of the lucky ones. No one knows why some people recover better than others in brain or spinal cord injury. I was lucky, Clint was not. He worked just as hard as me, harder actually. And he is still working on it.

So please don’t tell me stories about how other people got better because they believed.  Chances are, I’ve heard the story already. And chances are I’ll get pissed off at you, because Clint didn’t deserve to become a paraplegic. He worked just as hard as everyone else. Anne didn’t deserve to die from cancer, and she was the most positive person I knew. A diabetic needs insulin, will power can’t make their pancreas produce more insulin. Sometimes shit things happen, and there’s nothing you can do to stop them.

Both Clint and I are incredibly positive about our future. Neither Clint’s disability or my illness will get in the way of us living a great life. But without a new spinal cord, or a robot suit, or a ground breaking new discovery, Clint is not going to walk again, positive thinking or not. It’s bloody tough, but we are ok with that. And we are getting on with life the best we know how with all of your support. Thanks and Cheers 😘



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