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IMG_5487 coffeeRecently, Clint and I met with Real Heidi (FYI top chick) and did an interview for her podcast; ‘Real Heidi, Real People, Real Stories.’ What an experience! Writing this blog for me has been a way to tell everyone what was happening with us, without having to talk about it out loud. My blog has been like therapy for me in many ways, but also a way of avoiding talking about things. So speaking out in a very public way about our story has been pretty epic therapy for both of us I think!

You can listen and download from iTunes at:


or at http://www.realheidi.com/podcast

Anywho, an update with us…

We are aiming to get Clint home from hospital in the next week or so. It felt like forever that he was laying flat and unable to do much physically. There are only so many games of uno you can play. But as soon as he was able to go to the gym again, things moved pretty quickly. I was laughing at him for using the pink 1kg weights, but my teasing didn’t last long as he started developing his strength and endurance so quickly and upping the weights.  He is starting to put on much needed weight too (so unfair right?!Wish he could just take mine). He is in the gym everyday now, usually for 2 sessions and going to the pool if possible too! What a machine!!!!! Super proud of him.

It’s not without set backs of course. He has lost some sensation to his left hand side, and he has patchy sensory loss higher than his original injury. This was a result of the swelling, or the surgery but is a small price to pay considering the possible consequences without the surgery. Surgery wasn’t really a choice. Its almost 6 weeks post op so the period of spinal shock should be over. But there is still a chance he could regain this sensation (hopefully). He had a really great relationship with his doctor this time, but she has left now so that was a bit heartbreaking 😞 Such is life I guess.

If it’s true that chicks dig scars, then I am going to be fighting them off! He has one of the biggest scars I have ever seen!

I am doing well. Just the usual stuff. Arthritis is a bitch, and I’m told is a consequence of my apparent myriad of autoimmune problems. I’d love to have a diagnosis that ties them all together. But, no such luck as yet. My rheumatologist believes that things will become clearer as time goes on. Apparently 3.5 years is not long enough? All we can do is hope that I don’t have a catastrophic relapse before we figure it out! I’m staying hopeful anyway.

We have started up our crowd funding campaign again. There are so many things that we still need help with. He talked about them all, wrote a list, and then chose what is most important to us going forward at this time.

We have 2 priorities…

  1.  Modifying the kitchen, as little as is necessary, but enough so that Clint can reach the bench top and cupboards easier. Getting him back in the kitchen, and whipping up some delicious masterpieces again is beneficial for us both 😜
  2. We need a standing frame for Clint at home. A standing frame is a device that will support Clint to stand and exercise at home. The importance for us, is that he would be weight bearing and thereby increasing his bone density. The reason we see this as a priority is because there are so many new assistive technologies already developed and being developed that allow paraplegics to stand and move, but without adequate bone density in his legs he’ll never be able to use them, now or in the future.

We are so super appreciative to everyone who has already donated in our previous campaign. You will never know how much you helped us. To donate, please go to:


Now for some parting words of wisdom?  (Insert bunch of clichés here.. )

Haven’t got many this time.
Life is too hectic to be philosophical at the moment. I think the podcast nails it really. Have a listen.

Peace out.





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