Nmo, spinal cord injury, syringomyelia

♥ Better Together ♥

Clint has spent half of the last 12 months in hospital.

It is quiet and lonely at home without him. I miss him and I don’t sleep well without him.

It has been so incredibly difficult watching him deteriorate with this bloody syrinx. Even more difficult watching him in pain. This bloody syrinx, who even knows what a bloody syrinx is anyway?!!!

It’s also so ironic. I know now how it feels when the person you love is unwell. How helpless it is knowing there is nothing you can do to ‘fix them’. Just how Clint and my loved ones must have felt 4 years ago when NMO took hold of my life. I truly don’t know which is worse now, being the sick one, or being the support person. Surely this is the end of our bad luck… but the looming fear of NMO and reoccurrence of Clint’s Bloody syrinx still haunts us.

And now even more ironic, our beloved bunny has a neurological condition. She is having vision problems. She certainly is a welcome fit in our broken family! Like being ginger wasn’t enough to fit in, she had to take it one step further.

Things are tough but are still looking for the rainbow and the pot of gold that surely must be heading our way! Truth is though, this is just life. There are people seemingly better off, and people seemingly worse off. Life offers no guarantees. Maybe we are just destined to have shitty luck, or maybe we are actually just incredibly lucky to have found each other to begin with. This is just our story.

Be thankful for what you have. It could always be worse. IMG_6262




One thought on “♥ Better Together ♥

  1. Katie Stewart says:

    You two are so amazing and have inspired me to write a blog about my health stuff too. I wish you all the very best. Keep smashing those goals, you’ve got this! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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